Openroad is a company committed to inspire you, connect with you and to shine a light into your day, through products of the finest handmade quality and natural ingredients. Every pastry and every cup of coffee is created to meet your craving for delicious!

It is our goal to produce our products in-house using local sources.

We roast our own beans, so when we serve you, we know what makes your cup of coffee special.  Roasting our coffee in-house keeps it fresher each day. Our coffee is blended and roasted to balance the flavor and acidity. The temperature, time, the origin of bean, and how the roast is nurtured are just some of the details that bring out the best in our coffee. Our beans come from several different countries; Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Mexico, and are certified Rainforest Alliance or Organic and/or Fair Trade. These are grown in high altitudes and on hill sides in the natural habitats of forest landscapes where nature and farmer are cared for. We source our green coffee from Balzac Brothers out Charleston, SC. We had the honor of visiting them, hanging out and seeing their facility. They are a fourth generation family owned business. 

Why is it better that we source our coffee locally?

  • 100% Rain Forest Alliance Certified Means: All Natural
  • ​Having a Relationship with the Importer
  • Confidence in the Quality of the Coffee
  • Shorter Shipping Time Means: Quick Access to Fresher Coffee
  • Building Local Relationships is Better for the Local Economy

We are excited to announce that our milk is now sourced locally from Mills River Creamery.

Why is it better that we source our milk locally?

  • 100% All Natural
  • Flash Pasteurized
  • Hormone Free
  • Fresh Directly From the Dairy
  • Natural Nutrients
  • Better Flavor/ Better for You
  • Better for the Local Economy
  • Working Directly with the Farmer

   Our baked goods are made with all natural and/or organic ingredients. Our flour is freshly milled to order by Lindly Mills located in Raleigh, NC.

Why is it better that we source our flour locally?

  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Milled Fresh To Order
  • Fresh Milled Means: More Natural Nutrients
  • Fresh Directly From the Local Mill
  • Better for the Local Economy
  • Working Directly with the Flour Mill

The Eggs that we use in our baking come from Thunder Ridge Farm. 

Why is it better that we source our eggs locally?

  • 100% Natural and Free Range
  • Directly to Us From the Farm Means: Fresh
  • Building a Relationship with another Local Farmer
  • More Natural Nutrition

(We also get fresh vegetables and herbs from Thunder Ridge Farm.)

It is our goal to serve you efficiently and with a smile. We recognize that we all have different schedules and agendas in our day and we want to be a positive part of yours. Thank you for being a part of ours!

Openroad Coffee & Tea
915 W Mills St, Columbus NC, 28722

Telephone: 828-894-2021


 915 West Mills St, Columbus, NC 28722

Roasted in uncommonly small batches.

 Business Hours: 6:30AM - 7:00PM